Kamis, 02 Maret 2017

Most of us are living driven by burden of the past and fear of the future. It disables us from living in the present moment and enjoying the company of our own true self. To make life even harder, social expectations creep along the way. Social expectations have lived with us since the beginning of our ability to comprehend human relations, they sunk into our subconscious and we accept them as norms, as how life must be lived. Driven by such situation, we make a compromise, between norms and our true self. Burn off passion and leave it cold. Possessed by the idea of positivity and confused about the feelings and 'negative feelings'. Beating oneself in fear of 'what others might think' and 'what others prefer me to be'.
 —Mia Maria

Rabu, 01 Maret 2017

The Year 2016

What a grand title, no? But honestly, I don't even know if this post is gonna be that grand. Probably it's gonna come off more like a rant. Oh, well.


Like how it was always used to be, I don't remember much of 2016. My memories suck so bad. But perhaps it's for the best, so that I won't remember all the horrible things that has happened. Anyway, I have been keeping notes. It's been for almost 2 years, and it helped a lot. My life becomes more organized and my objectives clearer. I'm on my fifth notebook now. So I'm gonna look back at my notebooks to aid me with this post.
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