Faradienna Raushan Fikri, or simply Denna.

What kind of person I am doesn't concern you or some other people, so I won't bother giving adjectives explaining who I am --or at least who I think I am.

Why 'terbakarsunyi?' Because, silence does burn. In both ways, good and bad. And I personally enjoy myself burning in silence, as it is a marvelous phase which as time passes, my fondness of it also grows bigger. More and more. Silence often makes me think deep about certain matter I have to get through --or am going through-- and sometimes even provides a soothing yet kind of dark and intoxicating, contemplation session. Retrospection. Introspection.

Well. I find this feeling of being burned in and by silence affects me much that I can almost actually believe it consumed the whole of me then, like, spew out an utterly different person. Most of the time, a better person.


P.S: This blog actually consists of the posts from my 2 previous blogs. I decided to make a brand new one for a change of scene and I've been here since 2012. The first blog was from 2009-2011 [Transition 1]. The second was after that till 2012 [Transition 2]. 

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